Helping small- to medium-sized companies keep their employees healthy and happy 

We all know the importance of employee wellbeing programmes to job satisfaction, loyalty, and an improved bottom line. However, maintaining engagement and sustaining healthy behaviours can be challenging, especially when people have demanding jobs

Through a carefully structured calendar of fun activities and behaviour-change coaching, we work on shifting habits so your investment in well being sees ongoing results


  • a kick-off event with interactive activities and individual Health MOT checks
  • a calendar of fun events, learning sessions and classes, designed to keep it interesting and bring about a state of complete physical mental and social well-being
  • massage days
  • one-to-one mentoring and guidance through a lifestyle change programme because the problem is not so knowing what we need to do to be healthy... its how to make healthy behaviours stick!
Speak to us about a tailor-made solution, suited to your budget and company's needs

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