Course Navigation Guidelines

All our courses work in exactly the same way and have been designed to make your experience of them as user-friendly as possible.


We’ve used a chapter from Pablo Imani’s Afrikan Yoga sequence to demonstrate how easy it is to find your way around your course dashboard…



It’s that simple!


Remember too that:

  • Content is broken down into chapters, which on average are 2-5 minutes in length when instructional and longer when a guided practice

  • Courses are designed to flow sequentially, but also offer the opportunity for you to go to any chapter you choose at any time i.e. you don’t have to finish one to progress to the next. You may wish to revisit some information or intersperse some practices with earlier teachings – the choice is yours.

If anything is unclear at this point, please email: natalie@mer-ka-bah.com. I am happy to help!

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