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If you have never tried mindful meditation and would like to understand a bit more, this course is for you. Mariette explains how it works and why it benefits you, before taking you through some practices so you can experience it for yourself.

Her aim is to make clear how natural and instinctive meditation is for everyone and how it can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

Mindfulness meditation will help you deal differently with situations and has been proven to effectively reduce anxiety and stress.


This course is for you if:
  • You have heard about the benefits of mindfulness and are interested in finding our more / trying it for yourself
  • You are at a bit of a loss as to where and how to begin
  • You would like to understand a bit more about mindfulness and meditation – how they work, and how they differ


This course consists of approximately 1h25 of instructional videos and guided meditations


Please also note: 

Some chapters include guided meditation audio files, often below a short video introduction, so please check below the video screen in each meditation chapter before moving on to ensure you don’t miss them!

Want some help understanding how to navigate this course?
It couldn’t be easier to navigate backwards and forwards through chapters, so you can do each chapter as many times as you like – or go back to revisit some of the fundamentals once you have advanced. Click here and we will show you how.
We hope you enjoy your journey into this foundational course for starting a mindfulness practice with Dr Mariette Jansen


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