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Cultural Cuisine

Ozlem Warren's 

Home-Style Turkish Cooking

"...mouthwatering cuisine that’s easy to incorporate into our meals"

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International cooking teacher, blogger and renowned Turkish culinary expert Ozlem Warren provides a window into Turkish culture through its food; sharing her infectious passion for the rich flavours of Turkey, and its proud heritage.

Ozlem’s course includes a demonstration of popular Turkish dishes; Spinach & feta filo pastry pie, Ispanakli borek; ever popular Stuffed Eggplants/Aubergines with ground meat and vegetables, Karniyarik, Potato and Bulgur patties with pomegranate molasses; Patatesli ve Bulgurlu Kofte, and Turkish Coffee (along with insight into the history of Turkish Delight!)

Whether you are a foodie with a thirst for knowledge about one of the world’s most abundant kitchens , or someone who seeks to enrich themselves through a knowledge of ancient traditions and cultures, this course will not disappoint. Ozlem creates a warm and welcoming space in which she shares stories about her hometown and her family, bringing Turkish hospitality tangibly to life.

Ozlem has brought Turkish food to our family’s dinner table. In this course, Ozlem brings in everything only a native can, giving life to Turkey – a beautiful country, rich with culture, and a mouthwatering cuisine that’s easy to incorporate into our meals; I like that she explains Turkish spices and condiments in simple words. I’m so glad Ozlem has included our favorite Borek recipe into the course. Furthermore, the videos flow seamlessly into one another, keeping our interest piqued to hear more about Turkey and its amazing history and colorful markets. I’m left with one wish at the end of this course – a wish to visit Turkey someday soon

Peri Avari 
San Francisco USA

I’ve just enjoyed the most relaxing, happy and enjoyable few hours watching (and in some cases, rewinding to watch again) the wonderful episodes of your Turkish culinary video on-line. I am so very impressed with the quality, depth and comprehensive and detailed amount of information you included. You are a natural presenter and the warmth of your spirit, smile and heart shines through on this video. I could feel the passion and love you feel for Turkey and its foods. I particularly loved how you personalized so many of the chapters by talking about the kids and your parents and including stories about their love of food. It tied in beautifully with the bigger theme of how important Turkish food is in the family as it brings everyone together around the table to share time, celebrate traditional dishes, talk, and simply be together. I also enjoyed the historical chapter of the Ottoman Empire – so interesting. Also the description and use of dried peppers/egglant, spices and how condiments are used in everyday turkish meals. That was a nice window into everyday turkish life.

Gillian Burns 

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About Ozlem

Ozlem has been teaching Turkish cookery for over 8 years in the US, UK, in Istanbul (and now in Jordan too!) and is passionate about sharing Turkish food and culture through her blog and sell-out classes. Her popularity is due not only the depth of knowledge she has about Turkish cooking and culture, but also the passion with which she shares it. It was through living abroad and being away from her home for many years that Ozlem came to realize the incredible ability food has to connect us with both those in our immediate surrounding and those who are further away but always in our hearts.

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...describing the rich history, flavours, traditions and culture that influence the Turkish kitchen, enriching your experience and appreciation of the food


PDF booklet downloads and cooking demonstrations of 4 much-loved traditional Turkish dishes


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